About Calmbirth®

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The Calmbirth® philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events; that the pregnant body is wonderfully designed to give birth. It is a natural process that can be experienced by a birthing person/couple and their baby calmly and joyfully. Giving birth is a life-changing event. With preparation it has the potential to be a transformative, rich and empowering experience.

Calmbirth® is a childbirth education program that offers you the skills and knowledge to give birth calmly and confidently, and in so doing supports your baby to enter the world as gently and peacefully as possible.

This program:

When is the ideal time to attend a Calmbirth® course?

I suggest that a good time to attend the classes is between 24 – 34 weeks gestation. However, those who are pregnant who have been earlier than 24 weeks or later than 37 weeks have also benefited from the skills taught in the course. If you are overly anxious about the birth it is a good idea to attend the classes as early as possible.

For more general information about Calmbirth® please visit Australian Calmbirth® - developed by Peter Jackson and also Calmbirth® NZ.

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